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Privacy Policy

evokate collects certain personal information in order to provide you with services and monitor or improve its business practices.

When you visit our website, you may choose to submit an email enquiry to us with your name and email. This information is used to communicate with you and provide you with information about our services. You may also provide us with your name and email in other ways, such as at networking events, business meetings, etc. We may also send you further email communications outlining services that may interest you or to promote our work. We use this information to manage and develop client relationships. You may choose to be added or removed from this list by sending an email to shannon@evokate.ca

When you visit our website, information about your computer and location may be collected by web browser analytics, such as Google Analytics and / or our web host provider. This may include your IP address, location, web browser, pages you visit and duration, etc. We use these analytics to provide and improve our services. Cookies may be used, although we do not design these into our web designs.

If you choose to retain evokate for any services (writing, photography, website design), evokate may collect your name and contact information, information about your business (services, products, practice management, locations, people, history, events, awards, articles, or other information relevant to the project, etc.) and background as it relates to your business (experience, qualifications, CV, etc.), information and/or photographs about your business or yourself, or your business product/service/location/team. This information is used to provide you with the service that you requested.

When evokate is retained by a business to research and write about or for other businesses, the information it collects is used only for the purposes in which evokate was retained. This information may include name and contact information; business practice, goals, challenges, growth; other personal information; other details that each business agrees to provide for the purposes of the project.

Information may be shared with third parties, such as sub-contractors or marketing companies, to provide services, however, this will be limited to only the information needed for them to provide the identified service.

Your information is stored in secure locations at either our offices or at the offices of our service providers. Your data is stored on computers and hardware controlled by evokate. Any websites hosted by evokate are located on servers located within Canada. Occasionally, your information may be located on a cloud service such as Google drive, but evokate will seek your consent before uploading.

evokate does not sell any personal information to third parties.

Any links to third party websites from evokate's website, and any third party involvement, are subject to their privacy policies and evokate is not responsible for their practices and will not be liable for their breaches, if any.

We reserve the right to change or amend this policy at any time. The new policy will be posted on our website and if any further consent is required as a result of the change, evokate will seek it.

evokate adheres to applicable laws.

For further information, please contact:
Shannon Baker, President