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Photograph of vintage manual camera


evokate is available for photo shoots and commissions, whether your project is destined for websites, print or other media.

evokate's founder, Shannon Baker, participates in fine art exhibitions and sales.

Shannon's artist website


Image of professional woman.

Headshots for your professional business image.


Portrait of business man.

Unique images to show your personality.

Website Content

IMage of optometrist tools.

Use custom photographs to show your clients what you do.

Photography options

  • Business
  • Hourly and licensing fees

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Portraits
  • Online portfolio
  • Website Content
  • Package rates

  • People
  • Location
  • What you do
  • Web-ready images
  • Creative
  • Hourly and licensing fees, art purchases
  • Visual stories
  • Advertising
  • Art
  • Variety of Outcomes

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